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Afghanistan development organization for afghans is a social service, non-political, and private construction company founded in 2005 and holds an official license from Islamic state of Afghanistan, official license number d01 – 143 the company is willing to maintains good relationship with national, international NGOS, ISAF, NATO, PRT,UNHCRand other donor agencies. Likewise, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans procures the necessary construction materials, with high quality, for needed sources in order to reach its objectives, the company will attract the assistance of national and international donors, and if required it will help in distribution of grants of the mentioned institutions to vulnerable people in the capital and other provinces of Afghanistan. The Afghanistan development organization for Afghansmain office is located in Kabul taimane 9 streets while its other branch offices will be opened, according to need, in other provinces. Further expansion of the branch offices will be according to the needs. As we are currently based in mazar Sharif we can cover other provinces also through the same main office.



This plan will be in effect after the contract is being signed between Afghanistan development organization for Afghans and donors. The major works involved in construction activity include stone masonry, rcc works, pcc, reinforcement, steel works, stone soling, earth works, dewatering, and diversion, etc. The contract documents shall clearly indicate the requirement to adhere with the technical specifications, which is part of contract document.

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In order to execute the construction/rehabilitation of construction projects, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans has established a construction team headed by head of engineering division. In a project, a supervisor will be deployed.  Under the supervisor, a team of skilled, unskilled labors including equipment operators, carpenters, masons, etc

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The needed materials for the construction and rehabilitation of projects including cement, steel bars, GI wires, rubber seal as non-local materials and boulders, sand, gravel, aggregates, etc as local materials.

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  • Non – local materials ADOA

Will prepare a procurement plan to purchase non local construction material in accordance with the construction schedule in order to ensure the supply of fresh construction materials particularly the Portland cements